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Press One for English

I don’t normally write pet peeves posts, but this one has really got under my skin recently. This is similar to the “Or Current Resident” post I posted a while back. This post focuses on the corporations that can’t seem to understand that using an inbound calling system that requires me spend hours answering questions by voice or keypad only to hope that someone might be able to help me adds further insult to injury by first asking me to press one if I want this depressing experience in English.

English as Primary Language Debate

I don’t want this post to become a debate over English Only in our country. But, I am one of those cold hearted conservative bastards that believes if you want to become a citizen of my country, let alone simply live in it, I expect you to learn English and be able to assimilate into our culture, adding your unique qualities to our mixing pot. If I lived in Italy, I would learn Italian, not expect all the shops in town to learn my native language. When I visit my relatives in Germany, I speak German with them and their communities. I don’t expect them to all acquiesce to my demand and speak English. That said, just to avoid that debate.

Simplify Please – Ask one question

Why is it so hard for them to do this: “If you can’t understand me, press 1“. The rest of English speaking persons could continue on to their frustrating and infuriating experience of answering the several hundred other questions and they could then branch the others off into another menu in which can determine which of the hundreds of possible languages in the US should their menus be tailored to.

Is that really too hard to implement? Am I being unreasonable?

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