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Nice Guy Bill of Rights

I recently read an interview in Incentives by Alex Palmer conducted with CEO Russ Edelman, co-author of the book “Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office“. The interview is a good read and I would recommend it to anyone. But what caught my eye was a small section at the end of the piece called “Nice Guy Bill of Rights”

Maybe this piece caught my eye because of my recent post Customer Experience Investment Opportunities which was based on Seth Godin’s “How much extra for nice?” But as a person who is running a company, simply focusing on just on my client’s marketing goals and objectives is not enough, I must also focus on building a strong team.

Managing Overly Nice Guys (and Gals)

This is taken from his pience. I’ve modified the format a little help with space constrants of this blog.

Nice Guy Bill of Right

  • Self-Awareness : know your strengths and weaknessess
  • Speak Up : learn to express your opinions and e heard
  • Set Boundaries : set them and respect them
  • Confront : address issues directly and without fear
  • Choose : make choices without guilt
  • Expect Results : learn to hold others and yourself accountable
  • Be Bold : reach beyond your comfort zone
  • Win : compete and succeed

Your Thoughts

Ok, if you have overly nice people in your organization, do you help them succeed or do you dismiss them as weak? Are you helping them add value to the organization or do you see them as a drain?

Please comment your thoughts.

Good Hunting.

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