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Photo Booth: Icebreaker for All Day Events

Have you ever been to an all day, or all weekend, event and just dreaded the beginning of each day’s start.  The awkwardness of getting to know new people, or people you don’t see often.  The desire of some to just keep their distance and slide into a chair and coast into the event,  hoping their social boundaries aren’t broadened.

Answer: Add a Photo Both

At our last family new year’s eve party, Outa-Tha-Box DJ service came to show off their stuff.  One of the items they brought was their Photo Booth.  After talk with Outa-Tha-Box owner, Paul Compton, about how he handles the Photo Booth Rental.  I learned that the photo booth can be rented by itself, and this got me to thinking.

Have a photo booth at your event to start off each morning.  This is a great item to break the ice.  The photo booth often comes with props.  The printer can print two strips, one for the participants, the second for event host / coordinator.  I have not seen a person come out of the booth without smiling.

Starting Ideas

Here are some contest ideas on what to do with the photo booth at your event.

  1. Most funny face – event attendees get to vote
  2. Most Faces – unique photos without repeating partners
  3. Best Costume – event attendees get to vote
  4. New Friend Game – you must take a picture with someone you don’t know

Just think … you too could have countless memories, like this one with my brother at our New Years Eve Party … at your next event!

Yes that's me on the right!

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Green Event Marketing

The ROI Hunters were challenged to come up with a green marketing campaign. The rules of this little contest were simple: Use three magazines to generate ideas and then create a campaign for a client category we currently have. We chose the hospitality industry, of which we have one non-profit, a religious retreat center.

Successful Meetings

As you can image, we subscribe to many periodicals that our clients either receive or we believe help us stay on top of our client’s sector. As chance would have it, the first magazine we picked up from the stack produced some results. We got our ideas from this one source which we’ve listed below at the end of this post.

Promoting a Green Event

Green Golfing Campaign. Even though the authors of the golfing article took the negative and wrote on this, we looked at this data and said “to some level or degree, 63% corporate planners will consider events with golf included in the future”. Now you throw on top of that the eco-friendly Green Tee product revelation ( and you have something to work with. I alone, would save thousands of trees each year with the number of tees I go through, if I had the time to golf, that is.

You throw on top of that, your company name and 800 number on the Tee and we are talking about a great take-away as well.

Solving World Hunger

Now, this got the ROI Hunters thinking. If someone could create a biodegradable golf ball that turns into fish food when it decomposes, and we turn the fairway ponds into fish farms also, I personally could feed the world with how many times I find water with my balls.

Good Hunting.


Robert Carey and Terri Hardin, “News & Analysis”, Successful Meetings July 2008, 10 – 11

Vincent Alonzo, “Tools of the Trade”, Successful Meetings July 2008, 30

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