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Marketing: Who really wins?

I have a long standing debate with many of my marketing friends and associates. Where do you place your emphasis: customer, product, competitor. At ROI Hunters, we tend to follow the disciplines of Marketing Warfare as documented by Al Ries and Trout .

Marketing Philosophy

Product Focus – your energies are focused on market share and positioning of a product or it’s family or a brand.

Client Focus – your focus is on client acquisition, client retention, or life-time-value of a client (share of wallet).

Competitor Focus – focus is becoming the leader in your field (product or service), by making your competitors incapable of attacking your position or unwilling to attack your position.

Which is best?

So now the poll. Please answer this simple poll to help us understand where you think marketing energies are best focused and produce the longest lasting results.

In the end, the customer/consumer/client wins. But we must all be prepared to build a strategy to that end.

Good Hunting!

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