Twitter’s Design Flaw

I have come to the conclusion that Twitter has a major design flaw and it is making it difficult for me to continue to grow my network of followers.  Not that my number of followers are very large,  this is more of a philosophical debate raging inside of me to justify my limited time I have on this planet and the effort it takes to accomplish something in said limited time.  I, like others, am a complex human being.  I have many faces or areas in my life which are in different stages of maturity.  I don’t just share on a singular topic.  I expose myself in many ways, to the horror of some, yes!

For Twitter to continue to become the social force that it is destined to be, it must move beyond this singular voice that it has granted us.

Before I Forgettwitter-follow-me-180

What kind of a Twit would I be if I didn’t take this opportunity to invite you to follow me on Twitter.  Sometimes the most obvious mistake for Twits is not to simply ask people to follow them.  Thanks!

My Many Masks! (or Filters?)

So, what are the chances that my Twitter followers are just like me.  That they enjoy everything I do, or for that matter, are at the same maturity level in those similar areas of our lives.  Here are some of the areas I Tweet about, randomly mind you, and often based on what other’s Tweet about also.

Religion – As a Christian, it shapes my thought process and value system immensely.  I enjoy studying and talking with people of other faiths, but it is unlikely that this interaction with change my core belief system.

Family – I love talking about my family.  My wife and boys are the greatest gift and treasure  I have and love sharing them with others.

Marketing – My passion, my hobby, my mistress.  Yes, I tend to focus my vocation on internet marketing, but I still love the field.  I happen to follow the principles of Marketing Warfare which at times places me at odds with other marketers in how we approach solutions to problems, but that is also part of the fun!

Soccer (true Football) – I absorb all that I can about the game.  My hands on experience is at the youth level, mostly because of my four boys.  I train, coach, ref at the U15 level or below and volunteer with different clubs and organizations in the area.  If there is a match on the TV, I’m watching it over all else.

Chess – I consider myself a novice.  Yes, I can put my boys is a good chess smackdown (sometimes) every now and then but put me in a room with a person rated over 1500 and I look like a fool who’s never seen a board before!

SUDOKU – I loves all things Sudoku.  I’m even thinking about learning Japanese so I can solve puzzles faster!

And the list goes on and on ……

Now imagine trying to find a set of people on this planet who have the same interests.  Ok, now I have a following of 5.  Now what?  What are my odds of getting to six, without investing heavily into cloning?

Twitter is Tone Deaf!

Now images your Tweets had Tones!  Let’s say that each of the areas I’ve described above had a Tone.  This would allow people to follow not only the person, but the areas of their life they had an affinity with.  Thus, when I  Tweet, I would associated a Tone to the Tweet so that you would only hear the items you wanted to and not the other things I find so interesting (and bore the hell out of you!).

Or ….

Twitter was simply meant as tool to tell others “Hey I’m going out to lunch, will be back in 30 minutes” and there is some developer  somewhere laughing his ass off for what Twitter is being used for today!

Good Hunting,

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  1. #1 by Tim Rueb on December 29, 2008 - 1:58 pm

    This from my Tweetdeck:

    From allberry_b (

    @tim_rueb this is where hashtags came from. imperfect perhaps but useful

    @allbery_b hashtags are great. I meant to mention them. I was thinking of a way of implementing them in the subscription process though

    @allbery_b So you would subscribe to a tone and really you subscribe the name^1 for user + tone 1 rather then hashtags.

    @tim_rueb I’m thinking specifically of how the community evolved them itself. And @tweetdeck lets you set up your own hashtag searches

    @allbery_b yes, love my tweetdeck

    OK, so how many of my Soccer nuts that follow me did I loose by that exchange?

  2. #2 by David on December 31, 2008 - 1:50 pm

    Tim, you make a great point and yes, Twitter does indeed have its limitations. I am 9 months into it now and seeing some benefits but also see the glaring limitations you mention. I guess, I try to limit my tweeting to things related to business for the most part. I occasionally throw in a point of personal interest or something unique I am doing but try to keep the focus of my tweets to interesting marketing related articles, insights, questions etc that relate to small businesses and churches – my area of business focus. Though it is awesome for me when I am barbquing a steak I really don’t think my followers care.

    It will be interesting to see how Twitter evolves as it becomes more mainstream or what the next platform will be that will expand the capabilities to take us to the next social media level. Blessings on your hunting in ’09!

  3. #3 by Tim Rueb on December 31, 2008 - 2:37 pm

    David, yes, I vacillate between allowing my account to be me, and by that I mean all of me, or should I change my social media usage and create multiple accounts for all of me. Personally, I’d much more appreciate the tool doing most of the work and not me! 8)

    But I’m also the guy who’s waiting for the cool aggregator/disseminator tool to come along so I only have to look one place, enter one place and all the other locations are updated! Oh, and have it come from some smart phone with perfect data connections all the time!

  4. #4 by Jay Gilmore (smashingred) on December 31, 2008 - 2:48 pm

    My experience with twitter is to be personal all the time like you are at a social event that runs 24/7 and you can step in and out as you feel like it. I group using Tweetdeck around common interests but I don’t keep my personal and business tweets separate. I am me. I am my professional me. I don’t talk about certain topics in public such as religion or some elements of politics but like to share, learn, explore and connect with all sorts of people.

    I think the type of segmentation you speak of is what Ning or LinkedIn Groups is for. I like that the best Twitter users are personally professional. Some aren’t so professional but hey, who can resist a train wreck?

    Make more connections, make more groups in TD or peoplebrowsr and be yourself.

    If you want too, you can follow me on twitter.

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