Green Travel – Is it possible?

This one caught my attention. After winning my Green Event bet, I have been keeping my eye on this topic.  I have never assumed that the two would be put together because of our tendency to use large amounts of fuel to travel and host events at our business destinations. I found an ad in a publication for a travel summit to be held in December. Unfortunately, I have a conflict so I can’t go, but I am curious how this topic will play out in the travel industry.

2008 Green Travel Summit

December 8 – 9, 2008


Newport Beach, CA

G2G not B2B

Oh man, not another acronym! We don’t need that! The ad simply brushes the topics. The event web site doesn’t elaborate at all on the concept. But folks, it looks like we have a new one coming around the corner.

Ad verses Web Copy

This also caught my eye. The event was promoted differently in the periodical that I reviewed for my clients then the web site I researched to find out more about the event, it sponsors, and who should attend.

(WEB COPY) Why You Should Attend:

  • Determine how climate neutral travel products fit into your company’s strategic operating goals.
  • Learn how to calculate your corporate travel environmental footprint.
  • Examine carbon offset strategies vs. travel provider selection strategies.
  • Learn how to communicate and get support for your Green Travel Initiatives to employees
    and other stake holders.
  • Examine real life case studies of successful corporate environmental leaders.
  • Determine your costs of going Green. Can you be green AND save money?

(Ad Copy) No Title – just placed in a gray box

  • Hear best practice overviews and successfull case studies
  • Identify the real costs associated with going green
  • Learn how to communicate green travel initiatives (and ROI) to your management and other stake holders
  • Examine carbon offset strategies vs. travel provider selection strategies
  • be “versed and ready” with a sustainable green travel plan
  • Meet suppliers who can help build your green plan

So can anyone else see the difference? I would love to hear your thoughts on this and also like to know if this is a type of event you would find useful for your vocation or business.

Good Hunting!


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