Jott this down!

This is going to be a slightly different post then normal. We usually talk about Internet Marketing, but on this occasion we want to sing the praises of a new tool we have come across. This tool will increase the productivity of your organization, especially if mobile. I wish I could remember where I heard this tool first, because I want to thank them for bringing this to our attention.

Jott™ Beta – Get Simple Back

This is a voice to text service that we have been using for several months now. We travel a lot, visiting customers or in general to soccer matches or other family events. I can’t count how many times I text messaged my client’s or family’s phones while driving without every having to find a key on my phone keypad. It is easy and safe, and so much more.

Things you can do!

Remember, this is using your cell phone to talk to Jott and they convert it to text and send it to where you wanted it to go:

  1. send emails and text messages by voice
    • to yourself
    • to someone else
    • to a group of pepole
  2. set reminders by voice
  3. create to-do items by voice
  4. post to web services with their voice

Web Services

Now they call it Jott Links. I call it exponential productivity. With Jott Links you can use Jott to send items into other web services. I, for instance, use it to update my different Google Calendars, Remember-the-Milk To-Do Lists, and soon my Jott Thoughts here on this WordPress Blog.

Here is a page which shows the current Jott Links you can set up: Jott Links


Enough said.

(Updated 8/21/08 – Jott out of BETA – it’s still free but some features cost!)

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