Fortunately, Storage is Cheap

The ROI Hunters hate to see wasted time in any fashion. Nor do we like to be the judge of anyone’s actions (unless we are paid for it), especially when reviewing waste since it is a subjective matter when it is tied to emotions or ignorance. Blogging straddle the fence of wasted time in a marketing sense when the blogging has no function or purpose as it relates to the client’s marketing plan. After all, Hunting ROI successfully never occurs when you are simply following a pack of other hunters.

18.6 Blog Entries

These are the number of blog entries Technorati reported occurred PER SECOND in the month of July 2006. We have reviewed some of these other blogs and found ourselves waking up, face planted on the keyboard, and drooling. If we could bottle this stuff, we could cure insomnia!

You Are What You Measure

This is a common phrase repeated in our client meetings. When our clients ask us “if we should be blogging”, we direct them to measurement discussions in the context of marketing goals. We try to provide examples of competitors that use blogs as daily ramblings from their president. Then we show them successfully executed attacks by competitors or comparable industries using blogs purposefully and with premeditation in marketing campaigns to defeat (or at least attempt to defeat) a competitor or brand (or possibly a search phrase if we are taking about search marketing.)

Blogging Is Cheap

The low cost of entry into this environment brings out all types. We try to make our clients and prospects understand that it is simply a tool, and not the silver bullet that some would have you believe. In the same way while building a house you would not use a hammer to measure the length of a board, you would not use a blog to complete certain (or all) tasks of your marketing plan. Good Hunting.


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