Attack Yourself – A Difficult Prey

The ROI Hunters sat with a client last week. This client, with hard work and the scars to prove it, had worked to take a marketing hill and become a leader in a specialized area within a geographical region. So now they asked “what now?” and we began to strategize and create a plan. After all, Hunting ROI requires a the best map you can create.

Attack Yourself!

Ok, before anyone posts that this is not an original idea, you are correct. Not only did we discuss the tactic in depth, we also recommended they read the book “Marketing Warfare” by Al Reis and Jack Trout, which places the discussion in the correct context. A must read for anyone in leadership responsible for creating actionable plans for their organization.

We asked that the group identify their greatest strength and their most obvious weakness. We then took this group through an exercise of creating a plan to displace the leader with a new competitor in the marketplace. What would this new threat do to push the leader from their entrenched position?

The group came up with several very creative ideas and walked away with the impression that leadership only lasts as long as you work at it. Some ideas were very time consuming while others they would accomplish in a week.

This tactic creates a moving target for the true competitors in their space and should deter the less determined. We plan to hold another session like this in six months and create a new marketplace threat scenario. It should be a good yardstick for the leadership to show progress. If all goes well, we should be reviewing a different strength and weakness at our next meeting.


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