Spread the LOVE, I mean WORK (part 2)

So now, the Hunters take a moment to reflect the answer of spreading the love, or in this case work. First, let me thank all the IT staff that sent us email expressing their frustration and willingness to share the self-inflicted environments. It is good to know that we are not along in this fight. After all, Hunting ROI is not for the lonely.

Decentralizing content is important to understand. The desires to have everything flow into a person or group is a form of control that can lead to intense bottlenecks when business environments demand fast, nimble, and smart projects. Nothing frustrates business leaders more then to find out that key project resources are committed to daily tasks and cannot focus on cost saving or growth initiates.

For most of our clients, we recommend using Contribute3. It is a companion product from Macromedia, or Adobe now, that lets us build our templates with the intent of letting someone edit the basic predetermined areas of a web page right from their browser. This provides us great flexibility in our design.

In the future, we will also post about using database driven environments, but this will take more time then we have right now.



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