Spread the LOVE, I mean WORK (Part 1)

Recently the ROI Hunters had a good long talk with an overworked technical team within a small company. We were surprised by the lack of trust towards their business counterparts, so we sat and listened to their story. It went something like this: 1) They change their priorities every week, 2) They ask us to drop existing projects and start new ones, 3) Then they come back and complain why we haven’t got the original projects done yet! Well, realizing we only listened to one side of the story, we asked some simple questions. We thought we would share some of the highlights, after all, hunting ROI is not for the unintentionalists.


Does your company have a vision? Do you know your place in creating the end-state? They answered NO to both. This team could not articulate where the company wanted to be five years from now, nor could they answer how their efforts would help the company get there. This was problem #1.

Who does the work?

Do you creates solutions that help your business counterparts do their jobs better or do you make them more dependant on you? They didn’t understand the question, so we asked it this way. How many processes are you included in to have your business counterparts accomplish their work. They came back and said at least 60%. This is problem #2.

Why can’t they?

Why can’t they do the jobs without you? The answer came in two parts; 1) They might break something and then we loose more time trying to fix everything, 2) It takes to much time to train them on how to do what we can do in a fraction of time. This attitude was problem #3.

Read about our recommendations in Part 2 of this post ….

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