Client Showcase: Grant Writing Service

From time to time, we stop and highlight in this journal one of our clients. Search Engine Marketers, like ROI Hunters, select their clients carefully. This is one of the ways we can help companies understand how clients are chosen. After all, hunting ROI is for the selective!

First a little history, we met Jeffrey Rodman of Here-4-You Consulting at a client meeting. One of our non-profit clients (Bethel Park Ministries) had hired Here-4-You Consulting to support several fundraising goals. During the introductions, I explained what the ROI Hunters do and how we were assisting our mutual client with their marketing efforts and email newsletter campaigns. I was simply there to see how we could make changes to the website and newsletter to support Mr. Rodman’s work as well. It was during this meeting that Mr. Rodman became intrigued with the idea of using our services to take his company to a new level.

Interesting Search Stats from Wordtracker (searches per day!)

  • grants = 5,465
  • government grants = 3,657
  • free money = 3,118
  • fundraising = 1,602
  • small business grants = 1,389
  • federal grants = 1,051
  • grant writing = 836
  • fund raising = 508
  • grant writers = 230

The Goal

  1. Using the internet to increase the total number of clients
  2. Fill an entire calendar year worth of client work
  3. Reduce the cycle time from casual site visitor to paid customer
  4. Repeat project work from existing grant writing clients

The Problem

  1. The old site,, serviced all areas of the company, not only the grant writing services. Here 4 You Consulting has three areas or audiences it focuses on.
  2. The old web site had very few ‘call to actions’ other then using the contact us form or call the toll number.
  3. The email newsletters were managed from an email distribution list and there was no way of measuring the effectiveness
  4. Navigation needed to be improved so that grant writing and business development prospects followed a progressive path to a final call to action

The Solution

  1. was created for strictly the grant writing and business development services offered. (an attempt was made to handle all potential audiences but the diversity was too extreme)
  2. Each page on the new site has at least three call to actions – newsletter sign-up, why us promotion, where to start link
  3. Newsletters need to drive readers back to site and into pages filled with targeted call to actions based on content.
  4. Pages optimized for search engines
  5. Pay-Per-Click advertising used to target prospects

Next Steps

  1. Improved ranking of key search engine phrases on all major search engines
  2. Continually increase the content on the web site
  3. Monthly newsletters with targeted content for prospects and existing clients
  4. Expand the number of terms the site supports for search engine activities
  5. Improve link popularity of the site

We see great potential with this client. Whether you need grant writing or business development services, Here-4-You Consulting can do the job.

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