Be Proactive – React Now!

Our hunting party ran across a group that was discouraged because their last minute attempt to get their prey didn’t go as planned. They thought if they quickly created a group of web pages and a compelling reason to purchase their product and went out after the elusive ROI during the last holiday season they would come back with great stories of their triumphant hunt. So we spent some time with them, after all hunting ROI is not for the pessimist.

We told them maybe they just needed to be proactive by reacting now! We started out this conversation with some simple questions:

  1. Do you think the last holiday season would be the only one that will come around?
  2. Did you learn anything from this last attempt to find some sales?
  3. Were you completely focused on new clients or did it ever occur to go back to existing clients and gain some of their share of wallet?

These questions brought on some lively discussions. Suddenly the last three months didn’t seem like a total waste of time after all. They concluded the following:

  • that there were four to six major shopping seasons / events in the year they can take advance of
  • PPC advertising worked surprisingly well but could have much more successful
  • Banner / Tower ads might work better then PPC since they need to visually tie the product and the benefits together
  • there was more competition then they had expected, and they had no idea how many companies were already using the internet to sell similar products
  • they were disappointed that natural search results didn’t produce anything (they launched the new pages in the same month they expected results)

So from this meeting we ended up with the following action items:

  1. Landing pages for each major shopping season or event were to be designed so that a theme can be created that will tie all the other promotional material together
  2. Analyze PPC surprises and disappointments with the phrases that were used paying close attention to budget / reach / conversion calculations
  3. Tower / Banner ad design work to begin immediately
  4. Tower / Banner venues to be located, specifically paying attention to audience demographics
  5. On-line competitor websites to be decomposed and analyzed so that more can be learned about the landscape (SWOT Analysis)
  6. Expectations managed better with natural search results. Plan pages 6 – 12 months out so they have some chance of showing up on the major search engines
  7. Link popularity scores improved by next shopping season or event

It is amazing what a little proactive meeting will do to the spirits. And we didn’t even get into selling to clients that had already purchased the product before. Well that will be for another day.

  1. Holiday On-Line Shopping Best Practices « ROI HUNTERS Field Journal

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