Virtual Prospects Become Real

The ROI Hunters came across a perfect example of how to use internet technologies to improve the process of qualifying prospects for a brick and mortar operations and in the process, improving the conversion rate as well. For as we all know, hunting ROI is not for the anonymous.

We are going to look at the Vacation/Time Share/Condo Sales company and the process they go through to try and fill their inventory with long term clients. The process, at a high level, looks something like this:

  • Finding your prospects. Contests, Tricks, Giveaways. When you do attract someone, you push the “You are a winner” message over and over so that you don’t loose them
  • Getting them to come. This is the logistical problem of getting them to actually show up, so at this point you are pushing the “You are the important person in the world to us” message, over and over again. Here is where you talk about the FREE vacation you just won!
  • Converting to Clients. This is where you get the “You are an idiot” message over and over again, explaining how you have wasted all your past vacation dollars on memories rather then their product/service. And they hope you are feeling guilty enough that the sticker shock will just be the icing on the cake.

So what would this picture look like if we used some internet marketing tools to build a very qualified list of prospects.

  • Sequences of emails probing which message will strike the trigger nerve, always driving them to a web site so you can measure their responses and watch their clicks
  • Progressive use of surveys with rewards for sharing more information then the last time they were there. Eventually leading to a very attractive FREE vacation package with perks for your most qualified prospects.
  • Phone calls with call takers loaded with information about what emails they opened and which links they clicked on in the emails, and which web pages they reviewed, and which one they spent the most time on. More vital information is logged.
  • A sales rep waiting for the client loaded with targeted information about what the likes/dislikes, plans/goals of the prospect are before they even sit down at the table to review the binder!

So which one sounds better to you?

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