Do Not Click Here!

The ROI Hunters came across another example of lost opportunity when they reviewed a potential client’s signature site. We wanted to share this observation with you since we fully realize that hunting ROI requires constant vigilance and improvements.

You will always here a good internet marketer talk about creating call to action items within any page or email being sent. This is only common sense. Why have someone come to your site, land on a landing page, click an embedded link in an email if there was nothing to do when you get there. Even providing excellent expert content should be seen as an important action item (if you can measure they are actually reading it).

So now we come to one of our little frustrations we see too often. The infamous “Click Here” link that frequents most web site. Besides the fact everyone uses the phrase, or some variation of it, did it really impress them enough to click here? How many times did people have to find that little exit point you provided? How many people wondered why they should even bother?

Good search engine marketers have learned that our brains work a certain way and we try and take advantage of it. Our brains break things down into patterns, this is one of the reasons why brands are so effective in the world. If the ROI Hunters took the time and effort to draw someone to your site because they were searching for “Halloween Costumes” then the pages that are designed for those visitors will have that pattern strategically placed in all the right places. You don’t use “click here”, you use “Halloween Costume Specials” or “more Halloween Costume information” or “Halloween Custom Accessories”, anything that reinforces the behavior you wish to have happen, which is a click-thru to a further engaging page.

Here are some other important reasons for having key-phrase rich links on the page:

  • Search engines may improve your ranking if these links are created that correct way and placed in the right locations
  • Linking to a page with the key-phrase in the file name is also a good habit and may increase your ranking.
  • Properly placed, they can be used to manage the visitor eye movements on the page. Possibly drawing them to other call to actions, including cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.
  • Properly placed, they can be used to break up long and difficult to read expert content on very technical copy. The link itself can be used as an extended pause to have the brain slow down and digest the material.
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