Client Blog: From an Adoption Expert

The ROI Hunters stopped today to review some of their past notes and to recognize some important work that has been going on in the hunt for that elusive ROI.

We want to recognize one of our client Blogs: From an Adoption Expert This Blog from Adoption Associates Inc. ( was created to further enhance their signature site and has several key goals associated with it. We are focusing on the following:

  • Build credibility as experts to casual visitors
  • Increase referrals to the main site
  • Increase reach and frequency of this client
  • Open the door for each international adoption program to have their own Blog for the country focus.
  • Test this method as a means to communicate more effectively to their existing clients

Now this one Blog will not be used to confirm all of these goals, but already it has made some impressions that we are happy with. This month alone they have noted 634 referrers (at the time of this post) and their Blog is currently ranked in the top 15 referrers, and climbing! We will be continuing to asses this tool and shed more light on the topic in further posts.

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