Don’t Be Shy – not in front of prospects please

Today our hunters were stopped dead in their tracks when one of our hunting parties decided to try and convince us we needed to be more sensitive in the approach to hunting. Hunting ROI is not for the timid. You need to be very focused and willing to spend a lot of energy when hunting for that elusive ROI.

For example, one of our clients, under our guidance, is collecting more leads then any of their other marketing/communication channels they have invested in. In fact, this past month, leads generated from their signature web site exceeded all others methods combined. They have seen a 6 fold improvement of visitors to the site(Reach & Frequency) since we started working with them. We have coupled that with a site redesign that focused on improving call to actions points in all areas of the site.

With so many leads, some might think, it’s time to increase temp staff to help with all the added work. The natural inclination is to treat all prospects equally and spend the same amount of time on each so that you get the most from the past investment. We think the opposite. Now is time to focus your message to cull the list to only those that are interested in the product and are ready to buy now. If the number of leads drops the next month with the refined message, that is OK. That list of new leads should be more willing to become clients then the last and your conversion numbers will steadily increase as your message and tactics improve. (This is a monthly process which requires a commitment by the company and is not just something they do once and claim success)

Do not misunderstand me, keep all the leads, but spend your energies on those that are ready to buy now. Place the casual visitor in an email campaign that is designed to keep your brand in their head so when they are ready to buy you remain on the list of contenders. (Email campaigns for conversion verses retention is a topic for the future.)

But what ever you do, don’t back off your message because some of your prospects are not ready to buy at that time. Stay focused on the prospects that are truly ready to convert to clients!

  1. #1 by Anonymous on November 4, 2004 - 8:43 pm

    I especially liked your comments on getting LESS hits or leads, but in fact they would be HIGHER QUALITY leads. I would guess many folks would have passed that by. To further refine that technique would, I think, provide exceptional value to any customer (of your service)

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