Know Where You Stand

A strange question was asked of the Hunters today. “Where do you start?” when hunting this elusive ROI, I can only assume they meant. We stopped and talked with these frustrated souls, and explained you must know where you stand when hunting that elusive ROI.

With most of our clients, we start by doing a quick analysis of their site. We attempt to see if any of their keywords are ranking highly in search engine results. If any keywords are ranking high, we then check to see if anyone is searching for those phrases in the last month. We also do a quick check to see what the bidding is on the major pay-per-click engines out there.

We provided a page on our web site to help begin the process: Free Site Analysis

We can then advise then how much effort will be needed to attract more visitors to their site. Many are surprised how little it costs to accomplish great things in such a short time, if you know where to start.

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