Divide and conquer

In this hunting journal we are continuing our discussion of knowing your prey by means of web log information. How to isolate the information all around you to better focus on that illusive ROI.

In the last entry we talked about understanding how standard deviation of your page views might be helpful in planning improvements for your site. If your site is anonymous in nature you may need to spend more time understanding the most visited pages to try and make educated guess on who might be coming. Focus on landing pages and the paths the visitors take. This is especially important if you are working on a very profitable campaign but it might not rise to the level of the top paths or most pages view.

If you have a site that requires user registration, you can now divide and conquer the data and begin targeting changes to specific audience. Granted, the tools we are talking about are not your common every day web log analyzer, but rather a combination of web logs and user registration, or demographic information that needs to be data mined.

How valuable would it be if you understood the difference between most visited pages, or top paths, or any other web metrics as it relates to gender, age, household income, etc?

Throw on top of that their past spending patterns on your site and you have the makings of a very fine tuned hunting party for that very elusive ROI.

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