Blog Tracks: Why you may not want to follow them

One of my hunting parties recently came across some Blog tracks and wanted to hunt it down. We stopped and tried to figure out why the team suddenly found that Blogs were so important to the ROI they have been hunting. Did adding a blog to their trophy web site help them achieve the ultimate goal of ROI?

The quick answer is yes for the big picture, but no for the hunt at hand.

This group was already having trouble converting the traffic they were collecting from natural search results, PPC campaigns, email newsletters we just started, banner advertising and some other things. Demand was not the problem here. Conversion was low and everything we looked at said our focus should be on conversion before we drive more traffic to this site. An arbitrary conversion rate was set and this group was nowhere near reaching it, but could easily if they focused on the right things before hunting down new capabilities or tactics.

In the big picture, yes we want to have Blogs on this trophy site. We will add this capability to further their reach through syndication and cross linking of full articles or newsletter content. We will build trust and confidence with visitors by helping them realize the expertise this group has in their industry.

Were the ROI Hunters capable of holding off this hunting group from Blogs at this time? No, not completely. A small part of the group broke away and started studying the technology and processes they would need to support this new capability. Although, this will slow the overall group down for a little while, when we return to Blogs, they will be better positioned for hunting that elusive ROI.

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